Industrial designers, furniture, lighting, sculptures, objects...
30 January 2013
tintinnabulum .. a small, tinkling bell or a set of bells played in succession Show Spelled[tin-ti-nab-yuh-luh m] noun, plural -la Show Spelled[‐luh].. In a building from the 1930s we finally managed...
"Efharis" handcrafted pottery by Eri Paltoglou
29 January 2013
Our workshop,running since 1976,is a small family business (M.Paltoglou-E.Paltoglou-N.Paltoglou). Against the hard times  we are facing and contrary to the mass production,we insist on...
Stevy Litra
24 December 2012
handmade..  vintange.. .. secondhand art!!i really admire her objects!
26 November 2012
Elpida Komianou was born in Tripolis. She grew up in Nafplio and still lives there.  She studied drama in the theater of “Embros” during 1996-2000. She’s one of the founders of “Nafplio Theater...


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