Daphnis and Chloe is a culinary herb company from Greece. Thyme, sage, laurel, and oregano: all as good and simple as possible.

Many of the aromatic herbs that we use in our kitchens are little warriors: they could survive almost anywhere –even next to a highway- and they are cultivated in several parts of the world. This doesn’t mean that they will always taste the same. Daphnis and Chloe is Greek, because Greece is where some of the highest quality cooking herbs prefer to grow. For example the varieties of oregano present in Greek nature can contain up to 30 times more essential oils (a parameter that defines their quality) than the ones typically found on the market. Moreover, thanks to an immense diversity of microclimates, Greece is home to an infinite list of endemic plants. From the legacy of the Vikos doctors to the Cretan elixirs, handed down through dialectic poems, here the folklore tradition is soaked with herbal rituals and zestful eats.