1. First of all, it is a great honor to have this conversation with you. Tell us more about the successful ''100% Hotel Show'' Project.

-Thank you very much! The 100% Hotel Show has managed to grow into one of the most important exhibitions for Boutique Hotels, Villa Owners, Architects and Designers and we are particularly happy about this. The demands are now high and the bar is raised, but we now have the right team and the know-how to create the best possible experience for the show’s visitors.

2. What is the philosophy behind ''Demand Fairs and Media'' company?

-Demand Fairs and Media is an alternative Exhibitions and Media company, aiming at innovation and meeting existing market needs. Also, a basic principle is not to “bombard” a sector with events, but to organize top events in each sector, such as the 100% Hotel Show for Hoteliers, the Design Lab for Architects and the Vinyl is Back for music fans.

3. What are the Exhibition Segments of the upcoming Hotel Show?

-This year’s 100% Hotel Show will be more comprehensive than ever. Apart from the classic segments, like Architecture & Development, Construction & Renovation, Interior & Exterior Design and Hotel services, special segments will also be introduced, such as Digital & Sales, Housekeeping, Wellness as well as Food & Serve. In this way, all needs of both hoteliers and architects visiting the show will be met.

4. How important is tourism -after all- for Greece?

-Perhaps the country’s most important industry, with an increasing number of professionals becoming involved. Tourism is a subject of major importance for Greece but it requires the appropriate gravity and ongoing training. This is why the 100% Hotel Show has been organizing the open Workshops to share know-how and ideas.

5. Do you think current hoteliers are better than the older ones?

-Each generation has something different to give. The previous generation has proven in practice its capabilities and value, since despite having fewer means, they managed through the years to lay the foundations for what we call today “Greek Hospitality”. The new generation is their worthy successor, quick to fall in line with global developments thus managing to get the product off the ground. We would say that Greeks have a good “Hotel DNA”

6. What are the qualifications a hotelier needs in order to make a difference?

-Their main trait must be their love for what they do. You cannot offer hospitality, unless it comes spontaneously from within. From there on, being a hotelier, you must be aware that the effort to constantly grow is continuous, as is to remain up-to-date with the sector’s developments at a global level. You must also be ready to acquire expertise in various forms, since you will have to supervise and organize various sectors, from operations to digital marketing.

7.''Word of Mouth''. Is it enough for a hotel to be successfully famous?

-Of course not. Word of Mouth is important, but especially when it comes to hotels, it is not enough, since there is a constant need for new audiences and new partnerships. In fact, this is the reason why so many online channels with different audiences are flourishing. Unless of course “Word of Mouth” is translated into Reviews, where it then certainly plays a role.

8. The digital age in tourism will bring tremendous changes. Do you think that Greek Hoteliers are ready for those changes?

-They definitely are. Greek hoteliers are very sophisticated, having a very good understanding of the online world. At the 100% Hotel Show, the Digital Section is now one of the most successful segments of the show, and this year will be even more developed, due to the increased interest by the hoteliers themselves.

9. The next steps of ''100% Hotel Show''?

-The next step of the show is to provide even more customized solutions and examples of their implementation to ensure their better understanding. Also, something that is already happening is directly linking exhibitors with visitors by arranging appointments, which opens up business development prospects for both sides.