1.Your collection is excellent. What's your inspiration?

-Μy inspiration comes from my memories. My sentimental status and the data I archive through observation on my greek DNA are the essence of my inspiration. My country's ancient past is a reccuring thought for me.


2.How difficult is it to work in Greece in the middle of the crisis? Are you optimistic about the whole situation?

-It is very difficult to work in Greece in the middle of a crisis. The ' game' is new and we do not know how to play it. However I am optimistic because we make many adjustments and set new standards. I think that we will have an easy flow in life soon.


3.Are you the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

- I do not have a problem to swim against the stream. My priority is to listen to  my inner voice.


4.What have been your learning milestones starting and growing your business?

-I resigned my succesful bank career. I was free to start again from scratch and do what I loved. My husband's death also, taught me that life is short and that I am the one in charge to spend it well.


5. The thing you are most looking forward in 2018 is..

-The thing I am looking forward in 2018 is to see my jewelry collections in famous museum shops.


6.What is a piece of jewelry for you? A status symbol or something more than that?

-For me , a piece of jewelry is an inner need to express myself. It may also be a symbol of status , a memory I live with, or just something that makes me happy.


7.Do you believe that Greek Jewelry can and should become a point of reference for international trends and how ?

-Greek jewelry is timeless and has provided inspiration and direction for many jewelry collections created everywhere on earth. It is already a point of reference for  many centuries. 


8.Who is your favourite jewellery designer of all times, and why?

-Ilias Lalaounis is my favourite designer.

He studied and revived ancient greek jewelry techniques and he spread the new greek style with his historical collections and shops in many countries all over the world.

9.What is the message you want to send through your creations? Whats your ''stigma'' as a designer?

-The message I want to send through my creations is that we should fall in love with GREECE, the LIGHT, the BEAUTY.


10.Your own advice to someone who would like to be a fashion designer in Greece?

-I dont like to give any advice,  however to a total new entepreneur I can only advice this.

"Keep your eyes and ears open.

Follow your passion and do some really hard work.''